When it rains, it pours

Below average precipitation is forecast this monsoon, but we must also be prepared for extreme localised rain.

Rust in peace

Looking back at Nepal’s first cargo ropeway built a 100 years ago, and a historical timeline of infrastructure planning in the past century.

BRI enters the tenth year

Looking at the future of the Chinese infrastructure initiative for Asia and Nepal

MCC gets green light in Nepal

Five years after Nepal signed the US-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact in 2017, Parliament on Sunday finally ratified the $500 million grant for...

Shristi Karki

Using power wisely

Like a mirage, the nearer we get to Parliament’s ratification of a $500 million US-backed infrastructure project, the farther it seems to recede....

Nepal House sits for crucial MCC vote

As Nepal’s Parliament finally sits on Wednesday to try to ratify a controversial and long-delayed American infrastructure project, parties opposed to the $500 million...

MCC risks split in Nepal’s ruling coalition

A much-delayed half-billion dollar US government project to upgrade Nepal’s infrastructure threatens to split Nepal’s governing coalition, amidst indications the Chinese have...

Hiding their head in the sand

Illegal sand mining on Chure rivers displaces farmers, decimates a fragile landscape

Nepal struggles to balance nature and industry

Nepal’s economic planners are proud of the fact that Nepal is now self-sufficient in cement. Indeed, domestic production has expanded greatly to...

The cost of no MCC

Nepal could lose Rs142 billion a year in wasted surplus energy if the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project designed to upgrade the electricity grid...

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