Kalpana's auto autonomy

Rickshaw operator in Jumla wants to encourage other women to take the wheel and gain independence

Access to water changes the face of rural Nepal

Irrigation in the far west empowers women and helps them adapt to climate impact

Dipesh Nepali’s dark light

A painting that transports the artist and viewer to life’s dark period, and deliverance from it

Rajan Sakya

Portrait of a photographer in rural Nepal

There is a wedding in progress in Jumla’s remote Sinja Valley, and even here guests with smartphones are taking TikTok videos and photos of...

Monika Deupala

Himalayan red rice is red hot

Jumla’s marsi red rice earned some notoriety in 2018 after a photograph went viral on social media of Prime Minister K P Oli and Premier-in-waiting Pushpa...

Monika Deupala

Holding up the whole sky in Jumla

Of the more than 753 municipalities in Nepal, most are led by men and the deputy is required by law to be...

Monika Deupala

Lightning kills 500 sheep in western Nepal

A massive thunderbolt in Nepal’s remote Jumla district on Sunday killed at least 500 sheep grazing in pastures high in the mountains,...

Nepal extends COVID-19 testing but no new cases

After being in lockdown now for nearly three weeks, Nepal has started testing vulnerable groups in high-risk areas, but so far there have...

Super Six

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZq9PMPzTrg&feature=youtu.beIt has been one year since Nepal wrapped up all three rounds of local elections. There was great hope that devolution would take governance...

Police duped Govinda KC

Onlinekhabar, 30 JulyNew information shows the government purposely propagated lies to force Govinda KC to come to Kathmandu from Jumla, where he...