Nepali family spread across Kuwait, Cyprus, UAE

Two generations of a migrant family are yet to break out of the cycle of poverty

Diaspora Diaries 2

I am not sure where to start telling you the story of the journey of my life.I come from a very simple...

Job-seekers now also jab-seekers

In February 2020, Nepali migrant worker Min from Sindhupalchok was excited to visit Nepal after completing two years working in Kuwait. More...

Upasana Khadka

Nepali workers stuck in no-man's land

More than 43,000 overseas migrant workers have returned to Nepal during the Coronavirus pandemic out of 125,000 who registered to be ‘rescued,’...

Nepal to lift quota on flights

Faced with criticism from migrant workers and Nepal’s embassies abroad for allowing only a limited daily quota of passengers to fly into...

Stranded Nepalis start to fly home

Government releases timetable of evacuation flights for Nepalis stranded in 34 countries

Nepalis in Kuwait apply to return home

More than 2,500 undocumented Nepali workers in Kuwait have taken advantage of the government’s amnesty to apply for travel...

Crossborder virus and Nepali migrant workers

The COVID-19 epidemic has hit countries where millions of Nepalis work

Upasana Khadka

US-Iran war could wreck Nepal economy

As the sabre rattling between the United States and Iran escalates into open tit-for-tat violence, there are fears that a war in...

Kuwait flag on Ama Dablam to be investigated

A row has broken out in Nepal after a Kuwaiti expedition to Mt Aba Dablam (6,812m) unfurled a flag of record-breaking size...

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