A short walk up the Panjshir

Kids playing on rusted tanks abandoned by the retreating Russians, war debris comfortably incorporated into stone walls to contain sheep and goats,...

Lisa Choegyal

The vagaries of fate

In her last column, Lisa Choegyal takes us on the Trans-Siberian Railway during the Soviet days

Lisa Choegyal

A postcard from Jan Morris 1926-2020

Remembering the last surviving foreign member of the first expedition to climb Mt Everest in 1953

Lisa Choegyal

Once in a Halloween Blue Moon in Kathmandu

Unlike in the West, people of the Himalaya are totally at ease with the mystery of their lunar calendar

Lisa Choegyal

Speaking for elephants

Lisa Choegyal’s column ‘The Elephant Dilemma’, 4 October 2020 elicited many comments from readers, some of which are excerpted here:As a group...

Father Moran and Nepal's Jesuits

Educator and ham radio enthusiast, 9N1MM was the country's first window into the modern world

Lisa Choegyal

Nepal’s tourism now has to re-start from zero

As Covid-19 wrecks the industry, a nostalgic look back at Boris Lissanevitch and his Royal Hotel

Lisa Choegyal

Sorting through history for the Yeti

Whether it exists or not, this mythical monster of Himalayan folklore is Nepal’s top tourist attraction

Lisa Choegyal

The wild and wonderful Bill Gavin, 1936-2020

From a life of Himalayan white water rafting, to motors, music and movies

Lisa Choegyal

The strangest Anzac Day ever

Marking the WWI anniversary in Kathmandu through earthquakes and lockdowns

Lisa Choegyal
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