The Karnali’s hunger emergency

The government’s fortified flour scheme is not a long term solution to the region's chronic food insecurity

Farm to fork

Combatting increased food insecurity caused by the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine crisis and the climate change

The geopolitics of food

Already reeling from child hunger and wars in Yemen and across Saharan and central Africa, the developing world is now bracing for...

Sonia Awale

Covid derails child development in Nepal

The Covid-19 worsened the disparities in young children’s development and learning in Nepal. One out of five Nepali children between the ages...

We are what we eat

Misleading commercials in Nepal make families replace nutritious local diets with processed food

Nepal less and less able to feed itself

Despite two-thirds of its population dependent on agriculture, and having fertile land ideal for farming, Nepal’s annual food imports are rising exponentially due to...

UK aid for Nepali mothers and children

As the Covid crisis pushes millions of Nepalis back below the poverty line affecting their nutritional status, the UK government is funding supplemental food...

Disasters in Nepal come in waves

Nepal sits upon a pyramid of problems: poverty, inequality, exclusion, domestic violence, social injustice, lack of food ... the list is long.On top...

Hunger for governance

Nepal has had one emergency heaped on top of another for more than a year now. The Covid-19 emergency, wildfires, and now floods.Political flux in...

Nepal’s epidemic of hunger

Malnutrition among Nepali children pre-dates Covid-19, but the pandemic has made it worse

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