Canine therapy

Adopt a dog and get acquainted with the best version of yourself

Anjana Rajbhandary

You can’t buy self-care

The definition of self-care has changed from taking care of yourself to indulging yourself

Anjana Rajbhandary

Suicides: a pandemic within a pandemic

The coronavirus disease is one of the most well-documented health crises of recent times, with its correlation to almost every sector in...

Too fat or too thin, but never quite right

Women get body-shamed no matter how much they weigh, should not let others deter from healthy living

Anjana Rajbhandary

The other pandemic: mental health

Children and young people across the world could feel the impact of Covid-19 on their mental health for many years even after the worst...

Breaking the pesticide-suicide link

A53-years-old laboratory assistant at a reputed hospital in Kathmandu recently bought aluminium phosphide tablets and ingested three of them. He started vomiting...

Nepal sees spike in suicides during pandemic

Two years ago after going through a bad relationship, a 36-year-old Kathmandu-based doctor started getting suicidal thoughts. During the long months of...

Sonia Awale

Letter to a Nepali aunty

You were me once, too, guide us to become a better version of ourselves

Anjana Rajbhandary

Readjusting to life post-Covid

Getting back to life before the pandemic may take time, and that is OK

Anjana Rajbhandary

Coping with Covid FOMO

Tips to seeking real human connection and attaining contentment during the pandemic

Anjana Rajbhandary
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