Either too little, or too much water

Extreme weather, glacial lake bursts becoming more serious and frequent in eastern Nepal, affecting livelihoods

Lost and damaged

On the evening of 15 June 2021, Baburam Bhandari was sitting down for dinner with his family, when the police sent out...

Dengue danger returns with monsoon

With preparedness lax, it is now only personal protection (and luck) that will save Nepal from another serious outbreak

When it rains, it pours

Below average precipitation is forecast this monsoon, but we must also be prepared for extreme localised rain.

Where rivers are not the Phoenix

When rivers are angry, they surge back to life again

Pratibha Tuladhar


The annual paddy planting season is upon us, and the sculpted contours of rice terraces mirror the clouds as farmers wade into the submerged fields.Across Nepal on Wednesday...

Muckraking in ‘Mandu

Nepal’s post-Covid planners need a different tactic. Trying to convince people around the world to visit Nepal because it is there is...

Ass s

Post-disaster lessons for Nepal

On 11 October 2021, Nepal’s Department of Hydrology and Meteorology declared that the southwest monsoon had officially exited the country. Paddy fields...

Narrow escape for Melamchi fact-finding team

A scientific team that had gone to assess a monsoon disaster that damaged Nepal’s most expensive infrastructure project northeast of Kathmandu itself had a...

Monsoon Culture

This Weekend Longread is an excerpt from the keynote address to the Madan Puraskar and Jagadamba Sri Award Ceremony in Kathmandu on 10 November. Some...

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