Saving tigers to save the economy

Every $1 spent on nature conservation can yield up to $6 in economic development

Biosphere on the brink

Despite our best efforts, it is almost too late for nature in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Working with nature to protect people

IFRC and WWF join hands to promote nature-based solutions for climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Do no harm

Travel to a holy Himalayan valley which champions non-violence and living in harmony with nature

Don’t fix what ain’t broke

The government’s proposal to auction tigers for hunting is another gross illustration of greed, incompetence and malgovernance

Snakes on plains

On the Day of Serpents, profile of a young Nepali couple volunteering to rewild rescued snakes

The Chiuri Boys of Makwanpur

Aryan Praja grew up hearing stories about the versatile chiuri tree that provided his Chepang community with food, honey, medicine, and was...

Sonia Awale

Nepali activist shortlisted for nature award

Sonam Tashi Lama, a Nepali grassroots conservationist working to protect the country’s endangered red panda is among 15 activists shortlisted for the prestigious...

2 Nepal tiger reserves awarded

Two nature reserves in Nepal have been recognised for their success in involving local communities to conserve their tiger habitats.  Bardia National Park in Nepal and...

Infrastructure for wildlife in Nepal

Nepal’s highways saw 108 roadkills of endangered wildlife last year. There were even more hit-and-run fatalities of animals outside protected areas, even...

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