Nepal quake survivors wait for kin to return

Families of those killed in the earthquake wait for family members abroad to perform funeral rites

Grief-stricken survivors are cold and hungry

Nepal’s latest earthquake leaves hundreds of shocked families waiting desperately for relief

Deadly earthquake hits W Nepal

Seismologists had predicted that a megaquake was long overdue in western Nepal

Preserving Patan post-earthquake

Much of Kathmandu’s centuries-old architectural heritage was destroyed in 45 seconds on a Saturday afternoon in 2015. Many of the temples built by the Malla kings in...

Inauguration nation

Of all the many accomplishments of Primafacie Minister K P Oli in the past three years of his tenure, the most remarkable...

The Ass

Langtang copes with quake and Covid

Six years after deadly avalanche, survivors endure the Covid-induced collapse of tourism

Kunda Dixit

Miracle Boy, six years after Nepal quake

Baby survived being buried under the rubble for 22 hours, but his family still struggles to cope

Monika Deupala

Deadly monsoon in Nepal turns deadlier

Even in normal years Nepal has one of the highest fatality rates in the world from landslides and flashfloods. But even by...

Resurrecting Kasthamandap from the rubble

It was a quiet Saturday morning, and people were lining up for a blood donation drive inside the historic pavilion from which...

The courage and endurance of the Langtangpa

Five years ago, I was in the Langtang Valley with my parents at the moment when the earth shook. The earthquake released a massive,...

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