Old is still gold in Nepali politics

By-election results in Ilam and Bajhang show establishment parties are still the voter’s choice

Catapulting to Singha Darbar

The more things change in Nepali politics, the more they remain the same

Kunda Dixit

Coalition collision

The governing alliance is fraying as Nepal’s prime minister comes under pressure

Shristi Karki

Unconventional convention

Hindu state agenda divides the Nepali Congress as religious tension grips the Tarai

Shristi Karki

Kosi now, Kathmandu next?

Will Pushpa Kamal Dahal keep his promise to hand over prime ministership to Sher Bahadur Deuba, or will he do an Oli?

An unceremonious President

The election of president should not involve such wheeling-dealing, in the spirit of inclusion it is the turn of a respected Janjati or Dalit candidate.

Nepal poll results signal upset

As the results of Sunday’s federal and provincial elections trickle in, there are signs that Nepal’s voters have made their dissatisfaction with the country’s...

A decent person

B P Koirala’s famous advice to fellow Nepalis was that they should not necessarily strive to be great. “Just try to be...

Pradip Giri, the passing of an iconoclast

When we went to see him in his hospital bed last week, Pradip Giri was unconscious. It looked like this great man,...

Deuba's mixed report card

On his first anniversary in office this month, Nepal’s five-time prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and his coalition governments get a mixed report card.Deuba came...

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