Nepal’s Citizenship Amendment Bill explained

Why it was blocked by the Supreme Court after the government sent it to the president for approval

Shristi Karki

Nepal’s illiberal democracy

A government with unconditional backing perpetuates its kleptocracy and kakistocracy.

Nepal's opposition-less Parliament

Near-unanimous support for PM Dahal creates a legislature without opposition in Nepal

Shristi Karki

Affirmative inaction

Nepali Congress Joint General Secretary Mahalaxmi Upadhyay recalls how she missed a call from a journalist because she was attending an event.When...

Shristi Karki

China lobbying against MCC

A $500 million American grant to upgrade Nepal’s infrastructure appears at first glance to be delayed because of domestic politics. But the real reason...

The human cost of Nepal’s political deadlock

When the coalition government of Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba took office in July, many had hoped it would restore stability after...


At 75, Sher Bahadur Deuba is Nepal’s prime minister for the fifth time in 26 years -- joining the ranks of other...

Shristi Karki

Deuba’s long and winding road

On Tuesday, Sher Bahadur Deuba was appointed Nepal’s Prime Minister for the fifth time in 26 years.The 75-year old veteran of Nepali politics is...

Shristi Karki

Reinstate, remove, repeat

On Monday, Nepal's Supreme Court restored the House of Representatives that Prime Minister KP Oli had dissolved for the second time on...

Shristi Karki

Parliamentary whiplash

We will finally know in 12 July the fate of the dissolved House, whether or not K P Oli stays on as...