What’s cooking in Nepal besides politics?

Over-reliance on hydroelectricity at the cost of solar power is high-risk and high-cost

Sonia Awale

Fueling Nepal’s economic crisis

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was forced to sack Janardan Sharma this week, but only after his finance minister became a political...

Sonia Awale

7 ways to save Nepal

The Ukraine War has sent the price of fuel soaring, forcing Nepalis to play Russian roulette at the petrol pumps. Inflation has...

Ass s

Breathing can kill you

It is that time of the year again when smog makes Kathmandu’s air hazardous to health. Hospitals are swamped not with Covid, but COPD...

Sonia Awale

The cost of no MCC

Nepal could lose Rs142 billion a year in wasted surplus energy if the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project designed to upgrade the electricity grid...

Urgency about Nepal’s economic emergency

Nepal Rastra Bank’s report last month was badly timed — it was a bad idea to sound a warning that Nepal is...

Nepal’s remittances, forex reserves drop

Even as Nepal tries to recover from the impact of the pandemic, the country’s economic indicators released this week by the central...

Back to Glasgow, where it all began

World leaders must also take a walk, and undo the global crisis set off by the invention of the steam engine

Ajaya Dixit

Climate-health emergency

An unusually wet monsoon, increased human mobility and climate change are reasons why this year’s dengue outbreak in Nepal has been the...

Sonia Awale

More trekkers, more trees

The sound of yak steps on cobble stone streets and their jingling bells in Namche Bazar were familiar sounds. What was less...

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