The most controversial pronoun is ‘we’, not ‘they’

Alok Vaid-Menon, the gender non-conforming poet, is performing live in Kathmandu this week

Nepali doctor's love for Urdu poetry

A Nepali emergency physician with a passion for Urdu couplets wows Pakistanis

Young Nepali poets in search of poetic license

  …To hell with poetry, with memories,   with my mother’s food- maybe not my mother’s biryani-  To hell the memory of turning nineteen  in quarantine....

Sahina Shrestha, Pratibha Tuladhar

Pragati Rai: Her Own Writer

As a child, Pragati Rai was called fattyauri, someone who would not stop talking. “I did not like that when a daughter...

Muna Gurung

Bimala Tumkhewa: Putting kinema on the map of Nepal

Born in 1978 in Tehrathum, Bimala Tumkhewa is not an unfamiliar name in Nepal’s literary scene. Popular for her hard-hitting journalistic articles...

Muna Gurung

Usha Sherchan: Humming a tune of her own

When Usha Sherchan talks about Pokhara, where she grew up, she gets a faraway look in her eyes. Everywhere around us were open...

Muna Gurung

The genius of Shakuntalā in Nepali

Kalidasa’s Sanskrit masterpiece Abhijnanasakuntalam based on the story of Shakuntala in the Mahabharata was written nearly 1,500 years ago. It was first...

Nibha Shah: Nepali poetry’s mansara

Born in 1971 into an aristocratic Rana-Shah family in Kathmandu, Nibha Shah spent most of her early childhood in Kailali, and later...

Muna Gurung

Shanti Chaudhary: Poet-at-large

When Shanti Chaudhary was born in Kathmandu on 28 December, 1955, she possibly was the first Tharu person to be born in...

Muna Gurung

Bina Theeng Tamang: More than a maichyang

Sunmaya Do you know something?These are the first lines of Bina Theeng Tamang’s poem, Dhunwa ra Ama (Smoke and Mother). The narrator speaks to a...

Muna Gurung