Nepal has to plan for the day when more migrant workers start coming back, so they can contribute to the economy

Poor cash-rich Nepal

The country’s coffers are full, but the economy is anemic because of poor investment climate

Sonia Awale

Brain drain into brain gain

The skills, exposure and savings of the Nepali diaspora can be harnessed to uplift Nepal

Remittonomics and conflict

The fragility of Nepal’s economy is once more highlighted by the conflict in West Asia

Business as unusual

Is Nepal’s economy on the mend, or on the verge of disaster? Experts cannot seem to make up their minds.

Our notes count, but our votes don’t

During the 2017 election, overseas workers like myself consoled ourselves that in the next one, we would be eligible to vote. After...

Mirage of migrant rights

Another year, yet another May Day. As Nepal emerges from the ravages of the pandemic and the economic crisis created by Russia’s invasion of...

No country for young men

Nepal’s Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) issued more than 240,000 labour permits for migrant workers in 2021, even as the country reeled...

Shristi Karki

City Express, Ria, and Khalti tie up

City Express Money Transfer and Ria Money Transfer, a business segment of Euronet Worldwide, have partnered to allow Nepali migrants to send...

Nabil's Premium Remittance Savings Account

N abil Bank has started offering Nepalis employed abroad the opportunity to open a ‘Premium Remittance Savings Account.’ Customers can open the...