The south wind blows

Nepal’s Hindu right is climbing on to a train without knowing which way it is headed

Chandra Kishore

Long leave the King

Fifteen years after a post-conflict Constituent Assembly abolished Nepal’s monarchy, growing public discontent with the successive governments is fuelling a drive to...

Alisha Sijapati

Crimson, saffron and green

An ideological vacuum is turning the Madhes into fertile ground for the religious right

Chandra Kishore

Faith in tolerance

Diversity is the basis of our national unity. Freedom of religion also means respecting the faith of others.


Even by the standards set by Nepal’s flip-flopping politicians, Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s sudden U-turn is remarkable

Shristi Karki

Tolerating Nepal’s religious tolerance

In the 1760s, Prithvi Narayan Shah raised one rupee from each household and travelled down to Banaras to buy weapons for his...

Clean up elections to clean up politics

On 26 January, Nepal will elect 20 members to the National Assembly to replace those  retiring from the Upper House following the...

Shristi Karki

Volatile Mix of Politics and Religion

The Election Commission has set local elections for May, with federal elections following early next year. Given the heated debate about federalism...

Secularism and sectarianism

Nepal is not yet secular. We still have a long way to go.

A yam between two Indias

Ever since Nepal emerged as a nation-state nearly two-and-half centuries ago, one of its guiding principles has been to socially distance itself...