Balancing free expression with fake news on social media

UNESCO official outlines conclusions of a report on governance of digital platforms

Nepal’s religious leaders urge harmony

Interfaith collective blames social media for disturbing tradition of peaceful coexistence

TikTok ban won’t stop Nepali netizens

Why TikTok was different and what next after the platform was blocked by the government

Saniaa Shah

Journalism is all about storytelling (and money)

Himal Media Mela 2023 continues, delves into good storytelling, digital reader revenues and covering the climate crisis

Nepal should be open for South Asia

On World Press Freedom Day, Himal Media Mela examines state of the media in Nepal and the region

The new news age

The mainstream and online media have a voracious appetite for hard news because they need to keep feeding the beast. Press meets...

Sonia Awale

TikTok has taken Nepal by storm

The woman rummages through her pantry.Wheat flour? Check,Ghee? Check,Smartphone? Check.She cooks a family recipe, nimki for Tihar. Her daughter films her deep-frying...

Avoiding the quicksand of social media

Lions in Africa have been known to use quicksand to trap prey. For example, it is when a wildebeest finds itself mired...

So you want to become an influencer?

How the obsession with becoming a social media trendsetter can have unintended consequences for young women everywhere

Anjana Rajbhandary

Paradigm shift in Nepali media

The Himal Media Mela 2022 continued on Saturday following the keynote address of Ravish Kumar, group editor of NDTV India.The day-long...

Shristi Karki