Killing investment in Nepal in 10 easy steps

Ahead of the Nepal Investment Summit in April, the sobering account of one biotech entrepreneur

Thamel’s new Art Street

Under a canopy of prayer flags and electrical wires, a quiet backstreet of Thamel is reinventing itself to be the new epicentre...

Ashish Dhakal

Baskin Robbins' new outlet

Baskin Robbins has launched a new outlet in Thamel with 31 different flavors, two of them new, raspberry sorbet and Morning Mystery....

Covid fatigue drives Nepalis to nightspots

Kathmandu’s tourist neighbourhood of Thamel has been a ghost town for most of 2020, but just like Pokhara and Chitwan it is now bustling...

Hippie Trail nostalgia in Kathmandu

The dusty overland vans were parked between rickshaws, tiger taxis, lounging bulls and grazing goats

Lisa Choegyal

A Thamel within Thamel

There is nothing like it yet in north Kathmandu, or the whole Kathmandu Valley for that matter — the Chhaya Centre is...

Nepal by night

We have undersold Kathmandu Valley’s nightlife, but not in the way you might like to think

Anil Chitrakar

Clothed in cannabis in Kathmandu

The weed may be illegal, but hemp fabric is catching on

The Chinese are coming a person in China about Nepal, and the answer is mostly that it is a happy Himalayan country of Buddhism and...

The violence of violation

Inside a darkened room at the Chhaya Centre, eight screens switch on simultaneously to depict images of sexual violence in the Subcontinent...