Nepal’s chance on transitional justice

A window of opportunity to make war crimes bill conform to international standards

Restorative justice for peace-building

Colombian judge’s advice to Nepal: a vengeful system that prioritises punishment post-conflict is counter-productive

'She would have been 33 this year'

These days, every other day seems like an anniversary of one of the more famous crimes committed during the insurgency years. Today...

Vignettes from war

Two women on opposite sides of Nepal's Maoist insurgency draw on memories of conflict

Pratibha Tuladhar

Nepal’s unpunished war crimes

My father Muktinath Adhikari was a science and math teacher at the Panini Sanskrit Secondary School in Duradanda in Lamjung district. I...

The scars of war

It was exactly 20 years ago that Rabina Regmi and her brother Rabin were travelling with their parents when their bus was...

Sahina Shrestha

Toothless Commissions

The headlines for the past month have all been about the Supreme Court, and whether or not Chief Justice Cholendra SJB Rana...

Justice delayed, justice denied

Nearly an entire generation of Nepali youth has grown up following the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) that was signed on 21 November...

From the frontlines of Nepal’s war

Twenty-five years after the Maoist insurgency started on 13 February 1996, journalists who covered that war remember their own experiences reporting on the...

Mother on 25th day of hunger strike

A mother who is on the 25th day of a hunger strike in Kathmandu demanding justice against the murderers of her son...

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