“Everything is political”

Bidi Yolkey Rai, 28, struggles to conduct an online session on the importance of local government committees that deal with Covid-19, the...

The interface of politics and science

Nepal’s politicians study neither biology nor political science, and we are paying the price during this pandemic

Anil Chitrakar

Nepal’s new Davos man

The World Economic Forum’s annual list of Young Global Leaders (YGL) has featured very few Nepalis so far. The 2015 batch included Nepali...

Returning to Nepal has its rewards Thapa was living the American dream in Boston with a promising career in the Information Technology sector. But after 14 years...

Back to the future in Nepal

For Nepalis who migrated to New South Wales, it must feel like going from the frying pan into the fire

Anil Chitrakar

Smarter Nepalis with smarter devices

Let’s place smart citizens at the centre of planning for new homes, cities, energy and infrastructure

Anil Chitrakar

Digital detox

The surest sign that Nepal has already become an online society is the spreading practice of ‘digital detox’, where addicted users completely...

Nepal’s new digital landscape

Nepalis are now increasingly in control of the media content they consume thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, better internet connectivity...

Sonia Awale

Can Nepal invest in the cloud?

Agroup of young overseas Nepalis based in the UK wanted to invest in cloud computing in Nepal. They were already doing work...

Let’s listen to Nepal’s young changemakers

There has been a dramatic shift in the way young Nepalis think and generate ideas to bring about social change. Some have...

Anil Chitrakar
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