What’s cooking in Nepal besides politics?

Over-reliance on hydroelectricity at the cost of solar power is high-risk and high-cost

Sonia Awale

Ladakh’s Nepal links

For 400 years, Nepalis have built, worked and died fighting in India’s strategic region

Dirgha Raj Upadhyay in Ladakh

More things change, more they remain the same

Vehicles mired in the mud on Nepal’s highways are a fitting metaphor of the nation’s politics.


The world should prepare for Trump

What it means for America and its place in the world after Biden’s dismal debate performance

Richard Haass

As we perimenopause

It is a lonely journey, this. No one tells you you will experience a hundred things.

Pratibha Tuladhar

Giving credit where it is due

How I learnt the many meanings of the English word ‘due’ and ‘self-service’

Anbika Giri

दौरा सुरुवाल

The evolution of Nepal’s official dress

Pinki Sris Rana

Feeling at home nowhere and everywhere

Ranjan Adiga’s stories are all about fellow Nepalis and the struggle for identity in their new homes

Vishad Onta

Rapid fire governments in Nepal

Nepali politics is in limbo again with a lame duck prime minister from a minority party

Shristi Karki