Women celebrate Tij

Hindu women celebrate Tij all over Nepal, wearing red saris, jingling red bangles and colorful ornaments. They sway to the beat of Tij songs, as they fast all day.

Traditionally, women of Nepal celebrated Tij for the long life of their husband or to find a good husband. Shiva temples all over the country are flooded with devotees today as women wait in line for hours to pray and get blessings from lord Shiva.

Women gather at Sanga, Bhaktapur, on 2 Sep 2019 to celebrate Tij. Photos: Monika Deupala

Women dress up in colorful ornaments for the day.

A woman's plate full of offerings for the worship.

Most women dress up in red for the day, which is considered an auspicious colour.

A woman puts on auspicious red tika on her forehead for Tij.

A woman prays at Doleshwar temple, Bhaktapur.

A woman on the premises of Doleshwar temple, Bhaktapur.

A woman whispers into the ears of Nandi, Lord Shiva's bull, in the hope that he will get her wishes to the god faster.

Women dance to entertain themselves during their fast on the day of Tij.

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