Indo-Chinese food fest

With five outlets all over the Kathmandu, Bawarchi is popular for its Indian food. But lesser known is the Tangra Chinese cuisine that the restaurant also offers. At the Tangra Chinese fest in Bawarchi at Baber Mahal, you can now go Indo-Chinese in style.

The Tangra region in East Kolkata was famous for its Chinese migrant settlement since the British days. Tangra's cuisine thus evolved to become an amalgamation of Indian and Chinese taste, much like Pernakan is an amalgam of Malay and Chinese cuisine in Singapore and Penang. Bawarchi's new menu offers items like Hakka noodles, originally Chinese noodles made with a twist of Indian spices.

"We found that Tangra-Chinese really suits the Nepali palae, since people here have always enjoyed items such as Chicken Chilli," says Marcia Adhikari of Bawarchi. She says the idea of the festival is to make food fun.

Even though Chinese cuisine may be meat-heavy, the menu in Bawarchi has been specially designed to provide equal vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Vegetarians have a delicious range to choose from,  such as the Nimbu Mirch Babycorn, Salt n Pepper Mushroom and Veg Dim Sum. And while Indian food can be heavy and rich, the fest's menu is a refreshing change for those looking for light on oil snacking options like the Nimbu Mirch Babycorn. The babycorns are fried with a soft texture, with the natural taste oozing through with each bite. They say what is tasty cannot be healthy, this dish proves that adage wrong. A variety of sauces add spark to the dish, with sweet and spicy options, ensuring that these babycorns are not like anything you have partaken of before.

The Salt n Pepper mushroom is another classic spicy, and fun dish, bursting with Indian spice and sauce flavours, a sharp contrast to the babycorn. This variety, however, is a pleasant reminder of the origins of Tangra-Chinese as a mixture of two distinct cuisines.

Bawarchi has offered Tangra Chinese for a while, but this time there are new items such as the Tandoor Bun. Another new dish, the Macher Fingers with Tartar sauce is designed to resemble Chinese stick food for an authentic experience.

The chef also plates all dishes so that they look exquisite. There are delightful desert options to end your dining on a sweet note. Bawarchi's signature kulfi's have been elevated with almond and chocolate dust. The Strawberry Phirni, a strawberry flavoured version of the Indian desert khir is a new addition.

Let us raise a toast at the Tangra Chinese food fest so that Hind and Chin are bhai-bhai.

Until 16 April 

Bawarchi, Baber Mahal Revisited