The most controversial pronoun is ‘we’, not ‘they’

Alok Vaid-Menon, the gender non-conforming poet, is performing live in Kathmandu this week

Nepali artist’s butterfly effect

Milan Rai has come a long way since his project to stick white butterflies to trees in Nepal went viral worldwide. His...

Kunda Dixit

Govinda KC treats patients in remote Nepal

Health reform activist Govinda KC, who has been on 17 hunger strikes to pressure the government to make medical care more affordable,...

Air-brushing history by toppling statues

For thousands of years, adulatory statues have been installed and, at one time or another, defaced or removed. Even since the early...

Black lives matter but Dalit lives don't?

On 23 May, Angira Pasi, a 12-year-old Dalit girl, was found hanging after being forcibly married to a 25-year-old ‘upper-caste’ man who...

COVID-19 shrinks civic space

Civil society around the world faces serious restrictions on its freedom to express and engage in activism to defend human rights following...

Let Tundikhel be what Tundikhel was

Since the government is too slow to act, it is the public that needs to be vigilant

Anil Chitrakar

Think locally, act locally

Local activists goad local governments to deliver services

Marty Logan


“My alcoholic father used to beat me and my mother, and I always protected my mother. After treatment my father is sober...


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This one spoke billions — of rupees. A lavish lunch is laid out with curry,...

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