Keeps happening

The rule for pilots in Nepal must be: do not fly into clouds, they have rocks in them.

Turkish Airlines starts Palermo and Krakow flights

Turkish Airlines which flies to more countries than any other airlines in the world, has added two new destinations to its network...

Flying with special needs

Buddha Air makes flying more accessible to passengers needing special assistance

Final moments of YT691

Pokhara air crash report says propellers were feathered, but why is still a mystery

Dying to travel

Ninety-four people lost their lives in air crashes in the past 12 months, but the number of people killed on Nepal’s roads was 30 times higher

Pokhara bound flight crashes in Nepal

32 bodies recovered so far but rescue hampered by spectators

Post-Covid rebound for Nepal’s airlines

Nepal’s domestic aviation has seen a rebound in the past year despite a lingering pandemic and an economic crisis driven by high...

Pokhara Airport ready for take off

Nepal's government decided to finally begin operation of the much-delayed Pokhara International Airport from 1 January 2023.With an investment of Rs22 billion,...

Airlines hit hardest by Nepal’s fuel hike

Nepal Oil Corporation’s announcement on Sunday of an across the board increase in fuel prices is expected to have a knock-on effect...

60 years of living dangerously

Most aviation accidents in Nepal between 1952-2022 were caused by planes flying into mountains hidden in clouds, known to air crash investigators...

Kunda Dixit
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