From pandemic to epidemic to endemic

While many countries lift mask mandates and coronavirus restrictions, Hong Kong and China are reeling from an Omicrons surge. Britain, the US...

Remaking of Nepal

In the six years after the earthquake, Nepal has lurched from one crisis after another. Even as the country was trying to...

Nepal’s virus vortex

Five months after the first COVID-19 case was detected in Kathmandu, and after many experts were puzzled about why the...

Sonia Awale

It’s a small world

We have been home now for more than four months, and as a blogger, nature and wildlife photographer, the shelter in place...

Lockdown may be over, but pandemic is not

As the number of cases and fatalities rose in the central Tarai districts this week, the big debate is whether Nepal has...

Stop complaining, start contributing

Whether you see the glass as half empty or half full, it is time to take action and move ahead

Anil Chitrakar

Lockdown gives distance learning a boost in Nepal

Home learning familiarises teachers and students with technology, and could help lift quality of instruction

Shristi Karki

Playing politics in a pandemic

K P Oli is now halfway through his term as prime minister  With almost a two-thirds majority, there was much hope that he...

Newborn deaths and a vision for a post-pandemic Nepal

The overall trend in neo-natal deaths is positive, but the poorest families will lag behind further as inequality grows

Marty Logan

Nepal's New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic is like a nightmare that we wish we could suddenly wake up from, realising that it was just a...