Learning from Jajarkot what we didn't after 2015

Every earthquake throws up lessons so we can be better prepared next time. This month's quake is another chance.

Shaking things up

The Jajarkot earthquake could be a dress rehearsal for an even bigger disaster in the near future.

Back to classroom for earthquake preparedness

Nepal must use its schools to improve disaster response to save lives in future disasters

Rachael Lau

In a disastrous state

2015 was just a warning, a mega-quake is overdue in western Nepal, and we better start preparing for it

Sonia Awale

Concrete lessons of 2015

The reconstruction of private and public buildings damaged in the 2015 earthquake is nearly complete. Now it is time to also focus on being...

Sonia Awale

Concrete planning

On 25 April 2015 at exactly 11:56, the ground beneath Kathmandu Valley started shaking. Houses built on the soft alluvium of the...

Rebuilding resilience 7 years later

Now that we are wrapping up reconstruction after 2015, we need to focus on building a disaster resilient Nepal

Why more women die in Nepal’s natural disasters

Thirty-seven people were killed when a landslide on 12 July tore through the settlement of Lidi of Sindhupalchok district. More than half...

Ke garne attitude kills people

Epidemics are nothing new in Nepal. In fact, the country’s history is littered with references to frequent outbreaks of cholera, influenza, measles...

Epicentre of two disasters in West Nepal

With the detection of three new COVID-19 cases in Kailali district on Saturday, one of them the country’s first case of community transmission, western...

Sonia Awale
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