Everest cornice collapse

As spring climbing season closes, climbing guide says deaths are a warning to reduce overcrowding

Vishad Onta

Keeps happening

The rule for pilots in Nepal must be: do not fly into clouds, they have rocks in them.

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the film

A new docudrama about Nepal’s first woman to climb Mt Everest is a tale of discrimination, dedication, triumph and tragedy

The trail builder of Everest

The name Sherpa has become synonymous all over the world with mountaineering guides, but here in the villages below Mt Everest Pasang...

Mushroom trekking in the Himalaya

For 25 years, Ang Jangmu Sherpa collected mushrooms in forests near her lodge in Tengboche. Just one local mushroom, known locally as...

Everest's natural heritage on canvas

A painting of Mt Everest could have only been unveiled on Everest Day 29 May at the iconic Hotel Everest View in Syangboche.The triptych...

Ashish Dhakal

Here today, gone tomorrow

Final Letter from Base Camp about how the climate crisis is irreversibly re-sculpting the Himalaya

Letters from Base Camp 2

Everest Base Camp is ever-changing. The weather, the comings and goings, new world records — and the ice beneath. The night is punctuated by...

Letters from Everest Base Camp 1

Everest Base Camp sits on a moving, melting avenue of ice and boulders. It is today 50m lower than where it was when Hillary...

Remembering John Nankervis 1946-2022

When I bring Nank to mind we are always laughing, often uncontrollably. He is crouched pixie-like on a low table in a...