Kathmandu’s gravity-defying chariot festival

The procession of Karunāmaya this week is full of hidden pragmatism and teachings of the Buddha

One night in Bhadgaon

Go to Bhaktapur for the Bisket Jatra chariot festival and stay overnight

Vishad Onta

Water for the ages

Kathmandu’s ancient water spouts provide more reliable supply than the $700 million Melamchi project

An archive of Nepali heritage

The Nepal Architecture Archive sets an example on how to preserve the country's cultural history

Ashish Dhakal

Expressing culture and nature in eco-art

Twenty-one acrylic portals on the crossroads of physical and spiritual worlds await visitors along an unassuming corridor. In Siddhartha Art Gallery, contemporary...

The delta of kāma

In 1294 the crown princess of Banepa donated a shiva linga to the nearby principality of Panauti. A temple was built to enshrine...

Ashish Dhakal

Man of the Nepali renaissance

Satyamohan Joshi, who died on Sunday morning at age 103, was a renaissance man, a polymath and historian whose long research career...

Preserving Patan post-earthquake

Much of Kathmandu’s centuries-old architectural heritage was destroyed in 45 seconds on a Saturday afternoon in 2015. Many of the temples built by the Malla kings in...

Carving out a heritage

Seven years after the 2015 earthquake, temples in Kathmandu Darbar Square are slowly coming out of the scaffoldings. While the iconic Kasthamandap...

Painted walls and pieces of history

The noise and dust from busy traffic at the Mangal Bazar intersection filters in through the lattice window at a corner of...

Ashish Dhakal