10,000 bridges

Nepal’s foot bridges have evolved from being essential for connectivity to also becoming tourist attractions

Building Nijgad, come what may

As the date for a final Supreme Court ruling on the proposed new international airport in Nijgad approaches, uncertainty once more shrouds...

Aria Shree Parasai

Infrastructure for wildlife in Nepal

Nepal’s highways saw 108 roadkills of endangered wildlife last year. There were even more hit-and-run fatalities of animals outside protected areas, even...

Deadly monsoon in Nepal turns deadlier

Even in normal years Nepal has one of the highest fatality rates in the world from landslides and flashfloods. But even by...

Light at the end of the Melamchi tunnel 25 years after it was first mooted, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Melamchi, Nepal’s biggest and...

For and against Nijgad airport

How ironic, when we destroy something created by man we term it as ‘vandalism’ but when we destroy something created by nature...

Think locally, act locally

Local activists goad local governments to deliver services

Marty Logan

Between existence and extinction in Nepal

Nepal is situated at the crossroads of four eco-biological domains to the north, south, east and west. The country’s great altitudinal range...

Sonia Awale

In conservation, Nepal is not out of the woods yet

With poaching under control, the big new threat to Nepal’s nature is from infrastructure  

Sonia Awale
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