Press under Pressure

When the other pillars of democracy fail to act as check and balance, the press has to step in to hold power to account

Sonia Awale

Himal Media Mela 2024 registration

Namaste, journalists, climate experts and friends of the planet! The third edition of the Himal Media Mela is going to be held...

The future of journalism is already here

Splice Beta 2023 Festival in Chiang Mai finds ways for startups to survive and thrive in new media landscape

“Democracy gives you a chance to throw rascals out”

Interview with Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary General of the Stockholm-based International IDEA during his visit to Kathmandu this week.

Monopoly on information

More than ever before, the medium is the message

Investigation, introspection, and investment in media

Second annual Himal Media Mela comes to an end as journalists examine how newsrooms can be more professional

UN censures censors

The United Nations has singled out 42 countries (out of 193 member states) for condemnation– virtually blacklisting them– for retaliating against human...

Investing in investigative journalism

The freedom of press is like a rubber band, you have to stretch it to make it work. Likewise, media independence can...

Kunda Dixit

Journalism of courage and impact

If this was the Oscars, my award would be for Best Supporting Role category. Because that is actually what my journalism career has...

“All the people cannot be fooled all the time”

A S Panneerselvan is executive director of Panos South Asia, which fosters public debate in the region. He has been the Reader's...