Off the beaten track

Tucked between the Roshi and Ladku Khola rivers, just ahead of the town of Panauti and Khopasi some 40km southeast of Kathmandu,...

Rare anti-cancer tree on verge of extinction

The Himalayan mountains are known as a treasure trove of medicinal plants, many of which have not even been scientifically studied. But one rare...

A new class structure

Kavre school is rebuilt using rammed earth walls to make classrooms stronger and more climate-friendly

Monika Deupala

Injured use Internet to get rehab care

Last November, a speeding bus in Argakanchi lost control and tumbled down a mountain, killing 19 and injuring 18 passengers. Three weeks...

Sonia Awale

Nepalis open doors to a better life

Community homestay empowers women, uplifts communities and provides tourists a close-up of life in Nepal

The art of living

Many of the everyday items Nepalis traditionally used in their homes are going or gone. So have the words that described them....

Kunda Dixit

Quake was a learning experience for Nepal’s schools

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGngulAKKQc&feature=youtu.beAt the edge of Tika Vidyashram School in Sanepa rises a new, three-storey building, much bigger than the one damaged in the...

Nepal’s milk heartland rebounds

Four years later, Kavre’s quake-affected dairy farmers are back in business with new fodder cultivation

Lisa Choegyal

An electric trolley for Goma

If you can find time, do go to Jorpati to visit Goma Dulal who has just got an electric trolley to help...

Migrating males and population decline

Nepal’s fertility rate is going down even though contraceptive use has not increasedSita Yonjan, 21, has a two-year-old daughter, and recently stopped...

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