Khumbu since 1950

Alton C Byers and Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa have teamed up to expand, update, and improve the first edition of Khumbu Since 1950...

Khumbu dogs go wild after tourism decline

When Nepal’s trekking income dropped due to the pandemic, hungry dogs behaved like the wolves they evolved from

The greening of the Khumbu

During the 1970s and early 1980s, it was commonly assumed by the development community that the Himalaya was approaching catastrophic levels of...

Nepal building a highway to Everest

Excavators at work on Thamdada, 24km south of Lukla, despite the fact that the Khumbu Municipality has run out of money to...

Everest trek closed, open, closed, open again

The Everest Trail that has been closed or most of 2020 has finally opened again on Monday after a confusing series of...

Everest Trail reopens, but cautiously

Nepali hikers have returned to Khumbu, but Covid-free Sherpas do not want virus in their valley

The Himalaya mourn a saintly leader

The Tengboche Rinpoche was a constant source of saintly support, presiding through periods of prosperity and disaster

Lisa Choegyal

Aussie paraglider to jump off Everest

Approaching 62 years old, and after retiring from a police rescue squad in 1996, Ken Hutt needed some adrenaline replacement therapy.He had...

A Himalayan High

Takashi Miyahara was Nepal’s tourism pioneer who founded Himalayan Kanko Kitatsu and built Hotel Everest View and Syangboche Airfield 50 years ago, and was...

The Nomadic Nepali

Mingma Sherpa scholarship students return from New Zealand just before Nepal shuts down to COVID-19

Lisa Choegyal
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