Nepal has to plan for the day when more migrant workers start coming back, so they can contribute to the economy

The Malaysia-Nepal migrant scam nexus

Rinji Rai, 47, had been in the labour recruitment business for two decades, connecting Nepali workers with employment overseas. His Marvelous Employment...

The Malayan rainforest and its rare flower

The Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world, growing in the jungles where Gurkhas fought a guerrilla war

Tale of a modern day lahure

Gorkhali troops fought in Malaya in WWII, now Gorkhalis join an army of migrant workers there

Close encounter with death

I came to Malaysia four years ago to work as a security guard. I guard condominiums and sometimes have to accompany visitors...

No country for young men

Nepal’s Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) issued more than 240,000 labour permits for migrant workers in 2021, even as the country reeled...

Shristi Karki

The Days of International Migration

    International Migrants Day on 18 December is a fitting time to take another long hard look at the migrant labour...

Nepalis queueing up all night for proof of jab

Vaccine certificates are just another in a long checklist of permits and authorisations for Nepali workers headed overseas

Upasana Khadka

Night of the firefly

Many of us have fond childhood memories of the जुनकिरी (firefly), chasing the fascinating lightning bugs through fields and forests. Across the...

Sonia Awale

The fading light of Nepal’s fireflies

Many of us have fond childhood memories of the जुनकिरी firefly, chasing these fascinating flashing bugs through fields and forests. Across the...