Knowing our mountains

The Himalaya is not just mountains, it is the entire watershed from the plateau to the plains

Snow leopard redux

Photographer Tashi R Ghale's exhibition of the elusive cat in its melting Himalayan habitat

Peak season on Everest during Nepal's Covid peak

With a ferocious second Covid-19 wave raging and a closing weather window lapping at their feet, expeditions on Mt Everest this spring...

Love it or hate it, it’s abominable

The Visit Nepal 2020 yeti mascot has been met with bewilderment and some outrage

“Business, bureaucracy and politicians all plundering the Chure”

On 10 January, 24-year-old Dilip Mahato was killed for opposing the ‘Crusher’ industry in Dhanusha that was illegally mining sand from a...

Nepal's fantastic female runner

Mira Rai is already well known in Nepal and in the international athletic community as a trail runner, and a new book...

Nepal: a family’s destination

Nepal offers a range of real adventure experiences that appeals to all ages, something for everyone

Lisa Choegyal

Seize the coming decade

As we hurtle into the 2020s, time to recall a millennium eve 20 years ago and face the clean slate of the future

Lisa Choegyal

A personal encyclopaedia of the Himalaya

If there is one book you must set aside, either for new year holiday reading or as a Christmas gift to a...

Kunda Dixit

The superfoods of the Andes and the Himalaya

The nutritious grain that mountain peoples of the Americas and high Asia cultivated were displaced by wheat and rice, but they are...

Sonia Awale