Flip-flop policies dishearten domestic investors

Internet Service Providers in tax dispute with government ahead of Nepal Investment Summit

Changing climate for investment in Nepal

Climate breakdown has added new risks to banks financing infrastructure in the Himalaya

Nepal’s China-India love-triangle impacts investment

Geopolitical sensitivities of its giant neighbours block much-needed energy projects

Coming soon: two-way migration to Nepal

No more afno manche or hamro party ko manche, Nepal now needs ramro manche from all over the world

Anil Chitrakar

Going is tough for Chinese investor in Nepal

The Nepal government has hailed its two-day Investment Summit that ended on Saturday as a resounding success with the signing of 15...

“Investing in Nepal is risk free”

Capacity and WillpowerThere are immense opportunities waiting for investment to uplift the living standard of 30 million honest and hardworking people. The...

Nepal has to curb corruption before wooing investors

After adopting a liberal free-market policy, passing the first Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Act in 1992, despite the end of the conflict,...

Overseas Nepalis are not impressed from the success of overseas Chinese and Indians investing in their homeland, the Nepal government hurriedly passed two foreign investment related...

A roller coaster ride

Nepal introduced the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act (FITTA) in 1992, but it lags behind South Asian economies and Least Developed...

Invest in investment

Let us just say, for the sake of argument, that Nepal has now untangled its politics, formed a Constitution, the war is...