Manish Dhoju in hyperrealism

Artistic rebellion in the age of Instagram, instant gratification and visual overload

Kathmandu Art Biennale begins

The once in two years pageant builds on Nepal’s artistic heritage with contemporary works

Unnamed masters of Nepal’s art identified

Remember them: Kesaraja Chitrakar, Jivaram, and Adyaraj and Udayaram Pun, the pioneers of 15th century Malla renaissance

Nepali artist’s butterfly effect

Milan Rai has come a long way since his project to stick white butterflies to trees in Nepal went viral worldwide. His...

Kunda Dixit

The compassionate White Tara

Samundra Man Singh’s art show us the importance of the eternal questions of existence, impermanence and compassion

Rajan Sakya

Rajkumar Shakya, 1967-2021

Raj Kumar Shakya who died of Covid-related complications in June at age 54 was the world’s foremost repoussé sculptors, excelling in the craft of...

Anil Chitrakar

Riding on the waves of colours

Inside Dhokaima Cafe’s Van Gogh room, Aakash Pradhan’s photo collages are like splashes of colour on black walls of a dark room.They...

Shristi Karki

Memories of home

After nearly a year of closure, Siddhartha Art Gallery is putting up two new shows. Jagdish Moktan’s The Way Home is Away from...

Nepal's history through art

Rediscovering the Victorian-era paintings of Kathmandu by early British and Nepali artists

Lisa Choegyal

Leaving an imprint

Printmaking is as old as Nepal's history itself, and printmakers have brought fame to the country by winning many  international competitions. For all that, little is known about...

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