Federal express

Kathmandu never really devolved power to provinces to give federalism a chance to work

Sonia Awale

Year of reckoning

Twenty-eight years after the Maoist party launched an armed struggle to overhaul Nepal’s centralised state, remove exploitation, exclusion and usher in an...

Who is Resham Chaudhary …

… and why is his release from jail for masterminding the killing of policemen significant for Nepali politics?

Shristi Karki

Armed Conflict and Conflict of Interest

Rabi Lamichhane’s rant was Trumpian populism, an anti-media ‘drain the swamp’ whataboutery

"Not every cartoon is humorous"

Between sharp lines and subtlety, cartoonist Abin reminds that good things don’t need to be satirised

Nepal's Gen Next

Mainstream parties feel threatened by the handover of power from the past to the future

Deputies drive development in rural Nepal

Gita Adhikari, the deputy mayor of Damak, quit her job as assistant campus chief of Damak Multiple Campus when she was nominated...

New election symbols

Besides defending its title as the most corrupted country in South Asia, Nepal has belatedly also been recognised in the Guinness Book...

Ass s

Nepali Congress party time

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba inaugurated the 14th general convention of the Nepali Congress (NC) amidst much fanfare in Bhrikuti Mandap on...

‘Prosperous Farm, (Un)happy Animals’

The Great Animal Revolt begins at Teku’s Kausi Theater with a pig’s rousing speech calling for revolution against a human oppressor.As Old...

Shristi Karki
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