Climber-activist David Breashears, 68

He used repeat photography to document the impact of climate change on the Himalaya

Kathmandu’s legacy is Götz Hagmüller’s legacy

Austrian architect who made Nepal his home, and preserving its heritage his life’s work

Kunda Dixit

The gentleman of Nepal's politics is gone

Subhas Chandra Nembang perfected moderate politics and his credo of consensus, cooperation, and communication extended beyond politics

Remembering Hubert Decleer

The old-school intellectual, researcher and digger into Buddhist texts who lived and died in Kathmandu

Paul Farmer on my mind

When we were in 11th grade, my friends and I wanted to bring healthcare services to an impoverished village near Pokhara, my hometown....

The good doctor

I had an appointment with Rishi Ram Koirala the day before he suffered his fatal heart attack. Last week Nepal has lost...

Lisa Choegyal

Rajkumar Shakya, 1967-2021

Raj Kumar Shakya who died of Covid-related complications in June at age 54 was the world’s foremost repoussé sculptors, excelling in the craft of...

Anil Chitrakar

A Nepali on a UN mission

To be posted in regions of political instability seems to have been the calling of Manoj Basnyat’s life. As a United Nations...

A postcard from Jan Morris 1926-2020

Remembering the last surviving foreign member of the first expedition to climb Mt Everest in 1953

Lisa Choegyal

Dhanyavād, Subhāy, Guruju

Ted Riccardi often recounted the story of turning his attention to Nepal, and pursuing the career that followed as a series of fortunate...

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