Building back (not) better after 2015

Eight years after the earthquake, many new settlements for survivors are ghost towns

Foundations for sustainable buildings in Nepal

It was 2AM on 11 June when a 4.7 magnitude earthquake shook Kathmandu residents from their sleep, but it is doubtful if...

Concrete lessons of 2015

The reconstruction of private and public buildings damaged in the 2015 earthquake is nearly complete. Now it is time to also focus on being...

Sonia Awale

Lessons still not learnt

Photos: BIKRAM RAI/NEPALI TIMESEarthquakes are inevitable in Nepal. It is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. And ‘when’ was 2:28PM on...

Sonia Awale

Grow back greener

The pandemic offers us the chance to tread lighter on the land allow nature to restore itself

Anjana Rajbhandary

Langtang revives its cheese heritage

It was the spring of 2015, and the trekking season was off to a good start. There was a long line of...

Langtang copes with quake and Covid

Six years after deadly avalanche, survivors endure the Covid-induced collapse of tourism

Kunda Dixit

Rebuilding Kathmandu after the 1934 quake

The way Nepal’s Rana rulers went about rebuilding Kathmandu after the mega-earthquake on 15 January 1934 has important lessons for urban planning after 2015...

Resurrecting Kasthamandap from the rubble

It was a quiet Saturday morning, and people were lining up for a blood donation drive inside the historic pavilion from which...

Building back Rani Pokhari even better years after the earthquake destroyed its central temple, the 350-year-old Rani Pokhari royal pond at the centre of Kathmandu is finally...