Seeking identity in diversity

New documentary is an intimate portrayal of Himalayan immigrants in a New York neighbourhood

Sonia Awale

Marriage drama

Katha Ghera’s latest adapted play reflects modern marriages and family dynamics in Nepal

Amalgamation of Nepali art

Exhibition showcases the diversity of contemporary Nepali art and explores current societal dynamics

Stories of Nepal’s summiteers

Sherpa: Stories of Life and Death from the Forgotten Guardians of Everest begins in Spring 2019. Nepal’s mountaineering has just rebounded from the deadly avalanches...

Ashish Dhakal

One small step for Frog, a giant leap for amphibians

Bhaktaprasad Bhyaguto is an odd little frog. Born in Ichangu under the ever-watchful gaze of Swyambhu, he is unlike any other anuran....

Ashish Dhakal

Art for art's sake

Siddhartha Art Gallery is once again alive with a vibrant colour palette, meticulously textured on canvas, depicting stunning expressions of devotion and...

Ashish Dhakal

Sketching the chariot of the rain god

For 19 days in May, artist Sushila Singh followed the Rato Machhindranath chariot, its construction from the ground up.She sat, watching the...

Ashish Dhakal

In the name of the son

Pranay Limbu’s Urmi (उर्मि) opens with the early hours of dawn in Buddha Chok of Dharan. The sky is velvet black, crickets chirp in...

A ray of hope for Nepal

Takashi Miyahara was a Japanese development worker who was first assigned to Nepal in the 1960s, when the powers he had ordained...

The stone-breaker’s daughter

Six-year-old Hima Tamata used to look at her reflection in a pool on the banks of a river near Surkhet. The still...

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