Nepalis are not dying on the country’s highways, they are being killed

Sonia Awale

Cars vs people in Kathmandu

City life and the many benefits it represents, including better healthcare, reliable transport and quality education, are the main pull factors for...

Electric bicycles in Nepal terrain

Even as importers try to meet increased demand for electric cars following the reinstated tax rebates on battery-operated vehicles, electric two-wheelers remain relatively on the sidelines.Now,...

Shristi Karki

Nepal’s other pandemic: road fatalities

More people die on Nepal's highways every year than in all natural disasters combined

Anita Bhetwal

Thimi’s urban tissue

In this impressively detailed and visually arresting study, Mohan Pant makes a convincing scholarly case for why social and cultural traditions should...

Think locally, act locally

Local activists goad local governments to deliver services

Marty Logan

Cars before roads in Nepal

At next week’s Power Summit, let us put finally the horse before the cart

Anil Chitrakar


If this is the state of the streets in the capital, imagine what it is like in the rest of the country.Exactly...

Driving Nepal deeper into debt

In the past three years, federal and provincial governments spent a massive Rs216.5 million on vehicles. If we add the budget allocated...

In Nepal women hold up more than half the sky

- Achyut Raj BhandariWomen may be treated unfairly by society in one of Nepal’s most conservative districts, but it is they who...