The Thappad

How a 9-year-old was discouraged from learning English because of a slap

Anbika Giri

Bigotry of low expectations

Negatively stereotyping Dalit and disadvantaged students perpetuates caste discrimination in Nepal

Tom Robertson

Letter to my kindergarten daughter

Dear छोरी, Congratulations on starting a long and exciting journey by beginning kindergarten today. It was lovely to see you so excited...

COVID-19 impact on food and school in Nepali children

A survey of Nepal’s children during the lockdown has confirmed what experts had feared – that there has been an adverse impact...

Digital divide exposes class divide in Nepal schools

Nepal’s education system was in crisis long before the pandemic hit. But with schools closed now for four straight months, remote learning...

Back-to-School season goes remote

It is that time of the year when many children would be gearing up to join a new pre-school, and their parents,...

Mixed picture for Nepal’s children

Nepal has made progress in most areas related to children, like health, education, street children welfare, but challenges remain in nutrition, child...

The last and least in Rautahat

From afar, a little bamboo and mud hut looks like the many cowsheds that dot this district in central Tarai.But it is...

Starting Nepal’s green school movement

Surkhet has a new, community focused eco-friendly school that could be a model for others

Nepali Muslims on the margins

Madrasa education needs to be improved to uplift Nepal’s Muslim community