Conservation vs Conservatives

Nepal’s minister sees national parks as a gold mine, not as an ecosystem to be protected

Wildlife-people coexistence in Nepal national park

While farmers try to avoid encountering tigers, tourists want to encounter them

Kunda Dixit

2 Nepal tiger reserves awarded

Two nature reserves in Nepal have been recognised for their success in involving local communities to conserve their tiger habitats.  Bardia National Park in Nepal and...

Unsung heroes of Nepal’s tiger recovery

Nepal serves as a global tiger conservation success story. Despite a decade-long civil war, floods and earthquakes, tumultuous politic, the tiger population...

Rise in tiger numbers make leopards raid livestock

As Nepal’s tiger population doubles in ten years, leopards are coming out of the country’s protected areas more frequently to raid livestock in...

Lax laws make Nepal haven for tiger poachers

Despite being the first tiger range country to claim last year that it has met the target of doubling its big cat...

Close encounters with tigers in Nepal

6 January, 2004. It was a foggy and cold winter morning in the western Tarai. As secretary of the Gauri Community Forest...

Tiger selfie is highest-ever sighting in Nepal

Never before has a wild tiger been spotted so high in Nepal as the one caught on a camera trap in the...

Nepal tigers now number 235

The Nepal government announced the total number of wild tigers in the country had reached 235, nearly double of what it was...

Sun striped shadows

Close encounters of a wild kind in Chitwan

Lisa Choegyal
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