Pokhara’s desperation and hope

Pokhara’s tourism revival depends on residents and entrepreneurs understanding the treasure they own

Singha Darbar, not Singapore

The obsession of our leaders with Singapore is unmatched. Every prime minister we have had in the 30 years (some of them...

Vacant homes become homestays in Nepal

Women left behind turn their homes into tourist destinations, as the menfolk migrate for work

Peak tourism in 2023

More than 70 years after Nepal opened to the world, the country has yet to fully benefit from tourism

Shristi Karki

Visit Nepal Again

2020 was supposed to be a landmark year for tourism. Nepal spent $2 million to attract 2 million visitors. Visit Nepal Year...

Muckraking in ‘Mandu

Nepal’s post-Covid planners need a different tactic. Trying to convince people around the world to visit Nepal because it is there is...

Ass s

Barbaros actor in Nepal to promote tourism many in Nepal have heard of the famous Turkish actor Engin Altan Düzyatan, and before his current visit to the country...

No more PCR for Nepal passengers

Travellers to Nepal now do not need to present previously mandatory PCR-RT test results to be granted entry into the country. The latest...

Himalayans on the frontlines

The double-barrel crisis of climate and Covid has hit Nepal’s Himalayan communities hard with its impact on livelihoods and the natural environment.I myself have...

Khumbu dogs go wild after tourism decline

When Nepal’s trekking income dropped due to the pandemic, hungry dogs behaved like the wolves they evolved from

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