Nepal’s chance on transitional justice

A window of opportunity to make war crimes bill conform to international standards

Justice delayed, justice denied

António Guterres takes to Nepal Parliament as victims of armed conflict and the civil society highlight government attempts to sabotage transitional justice process

António Guterres meets Nepal’s leaders

Concluding the transitional justice process, climate change and Nepal’s role in UN peacekeeping discussed

António Guterres' agenda in Kathmandu

The UN Secretary General arrives on a trip overshadowed by the Israel-Hamas war to address the unfinished business of Nepal’s own conflict.

Restorative justice for peace-building

Colombian judge’s advice to Nepal: a vengeful system that prioritises punishment post-conflict is counter-productive

Nepal TJ Bill protects perpetrators, shortchanges survivors

Amendment to the Transitional Justice Bill not on par with domestic and international laws, say human rights groups

Nepal’s Transitional Justice and the West’s recalibration

Global geopolitical changes and the rise of China means the West has gone cold on transitional justice and its humanitarian agenda

Nepali activists write to UN Secretary-General

Nepali human rights activists and survivors of the 1996-2006 Maoist insurgency have written to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres alerting him to...

Forgetting to remember

Eighteen years after the end of Nepal's Maoist conflict, and eight years after the Supreme Court ruled that a law on transitional...

Sahina Shrestha

Transitional injustice in Nepal

Collusion in the coalition to deny justice to Nepal’s conflict victims and let off perpetrators