Who’s WHO?

Nepali and Bangladeshi candidates vie for regional UN post, pitting experience vs expedience

United by purpose, driven by action

Health for All demands not just commitment but action from every person, everywhere

Omnipresent Omicron starts to lose its edge

As elsewhere in the world, the Omicron-led third wave in Nepal is starting to peak, but experts say the pandemic is far from over. The...

Sonia Awale

New malaria vaccine may not help Nepal

The endorsement on Wednesday in Geneva by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the new malaria vaccine Mosquirix has been described as...

Dirty Kathmandu air gets dirtier

Kathmandu’s air quality has just got considerably worse, not just because of dirtier air, but because the World Health Organisation (WHO) has...

To boost or not to boost

We must not go for third doses when so much of the world has not even got its first Covid-19 vaccine shot

Buddha Basnyat

Death by drowning on the rise

The death of five children by drowning last month in Dhanusha made headlines. A week later, two boys drowned in a pit...

Why do so many Nepalis have high blood pressure?

The past year-and-half since the Covid-19 outbreak, Nepal’s limited health resources all had a singular focus. But now that the second wave...

Sonia Awale

Nepal-Bhutan vaccine appeal to European Commission

A group of European, Nepali and Bhutanese personalities have sent an open letter to the European Commission, asking it to allow member states to...

No country is safe until we are all safe

South and southeast Asian countries have in recent months witnessed a  sharp and sustained surge of SARS-CoV2 infection. For consecutive  weeks in...