The making of Chaku

Makar Sankranti or the first day of the month of Magh is celebrated as an important festival by various ethnicities in Nepal, as the day when the sun begins its journey to the north.

The Tharu community celebrates 'Maghi' as their new year with gongs and dances, while the Magar community plays archery games. Across Nepal, yams and sweet potatoes are the most popular foods of the season.

Among Newar families, Ghui chaku or molasses is a special delicacy relished during the celebration, along with teel ko laddu (balls of sesame seeds). Traditional chaku makers who still make it by hand are busy preparing for this festival.

Our photojournalist recently visited in a factory in Tokha to cover the process of making chaku.

Photos and video by Monika Deupala. 

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