On to the third week of Nepal lockdown


The Nepal government on Monday decided to extend the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown by nine days till 15th April. The country has been under complete shutdown since 23rd March.

The lockdown, which now rolls unto the third week has seen drastic changes in everyday life of people. Many Nepalis now work from home and are getting used to the idea of social distance. A few essential services continue to remain open for certain hours, along with several home delivery services on the run. Police continue to dutifully monitor the security and medical in-charge are preparing to combat the outbreak, while dogs have taken over the empty roads. The shutdown has also given nature a respite.

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With nine COVID-19 cases confirmed and the first in-country transmission, Nepali social life has come to a standstill, while many continue to enjoy a quiet life with the family, others yearn to go back to their families.

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