Tamu Lhosar in Kathmandu

Nepal’s Gurung Community marked its New Year on 31 December in Kathmandu with much fanfare and merriment. It is the time of the year when the Gurung diaspora comes together from far corners of Nepal and the world, and it is an occasion to dress up in traditional costumes and sashay en-masse to folk tunes, drink, and walk in street parades.

On Tuesday, Tundikhel in Kathmandu was filled with colourful stalls as members of the Gurung community performed the syarge dance in tune with the drums (tandu) and cymbals (jhyali).

Men were dressed head to toe in traditional Gurung garb – a Bhangra (white cloth across the chest) and Kachhad (short sarong) while women were in Gurung cholo and lungi as they marked Tamu Lhosar.

Photos by Monika Deupala.

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