Poisoning children at school

Schools situated along busy roads have air so toxic it is 8 times higher than what is considered safe

EV year २०८१

The next budget must proactively promote battery-powered vehicles to slash Nepal’s petroleum import and improve air quality

Sonia Awale

Why is the air in Bhaktapur so bad?

Brick kilns, heavy highway traffic and prevailing winds make air quality the dirtiest in Kathmandu Valley

‘Nepal must scrap old diesel vehicles’

The rapidly deteriorating air quality in Nepal demands an overhaul of its over a quarter million diesel-powered buses and trucks as well...

Happy New Air

On Thursday morning, Nepali Times photographer Amit Machamasi was greeted with a shocking sight when he drove up to Nagarkot to take...

Sonia Awale

Dirty Kathmandu air gets dirtier

Kathmandu’s air quality has just got considerably worse, not just because of dirtier air, but because the World Health Organisation (WHO) has...

No smoke without fire

Nepalis continue to endure the worst air quality in recent years as wildfires ravage the forests at unprecedented rates. The country has...

Nepal is going up in smoke

Wildfires lead to hazardous air quality for third straight day, with no end in sight

Kunda Dixit

How weather elevates air pollution in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley witnessed hazardous levels of air pollution on 4-5 January 2021, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) highest among cities in...

Dirty politics = Dirty air

That Nepal’s political leadership does not care about the health of its people is abundantly clear from its handling of the Covid-19...

Sonia Awale